• Csaba Tőke - Certified Energy Kinesiology Practicioner and Instructor

    Csaba Toke is a Certified Kinesiology practicioner and Zhong Yuan Qigong instructor. He is the member of the KANZ - Kinesiology Association of New Zealand and Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.


    In 2008, Csaba started his naturopathic career in China, studying qigong meditation, traditional and ancient Chinese medicine from Master Xu Mingtang at the Beijing Medical Research Institute Kundawell and in Henan, Shaolin temple. He is one of the lead instructors of Zhong Yuan Qigong worldwide.

    AWhen he met kinesiology he got fascinated by the endless opportunities of combining western medical science with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. As a kinesiologyst he mastered himself in LEAP (Learning Enhancement Advanced Programme) , SIPS (Stress Indicator Points System), One Brain - 3 in 1 Concept, Touch For Health, Sports Kinesiology and Neuro Energetic Kinesiology. He directly studied from the current top developers of kinesiology. Charles T. Krebs, Andrea Hahn, Hugo Tobar and Ian Stubbings. He translated the book of Dr. Charles T. Krebs : Energetic Kinesiology  - to Hungarian.

    His 10 years of clinical experience and practical knowledge in anatomy, physiology, neurology combined with Chinese and Indian traditional medicine provides a uniqe, structured learning  experince for his clients.