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  • Courses and Rates - 2018

    • Touch for Health I Course, $350
    • Touch for Health II Course, $350
    • Touch for Health III Course, $350
    • Touch for Health IV Course, $350
    • Zhong Yuan Qigong I Course , $290
    • Zhong Yuan Qigong II Course , $340
    • Zhong Yuan Qigong III Course , $390
    • SIPS Kinesiology Level I Course, $690
    • SIPS Kinesiology Level II Course, $690
    • SIPS Kinesiology BAP Course, $600
    • SpiritHeart Technique Course I, $350
    • SpiritHeart Technique Course II, $525

     Important information for the registration

    • Please make sure your the spelling of your name is accurate as this is used for your certificates
    • Your e-mail address will be used for further communication
    • For the Touch for Health courses we will use the book of John Thie and Matthew Thie: 

      Touch for Health : The Complete Edition - A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch and Massage

    • Any deposit paid for the course,  is not refundable but can be transfered to an other course with us or passed to someone else.
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