Image Medicine is a new and unique advanced discipline in complementary medicine, which has been created consequently of revival and development of the energy assessment  and correction methods of the ancient ingenious Chinese healers Bian Que and Hua Tuo. Image Medicine is based on the images seen by the internal vision of the therapist. 

    Image Medicine – is mainly engaged in preventive activity. In the process of applying the creative thinking in practice, transmission and perception of information, the practitioner discovers his own abilities to visualize images and transfer information with help of images. The system includes three parts: theory, energy system of diagnostics and energy correction. Image Medicine is based on methods and theories of ancient healers like Bian Que and Hua Tuo. These methods include the "inner vision", "diagnosis with vision", "image pulse diagnosis", "the image of the internal organs."

    Image Medicine develops and improves an ancient method of the diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine - pulse diagnostics and develops a method of "inner vision of images" of outstanding healer – Bian Que, has a high precision in the diagnostics and effectiveness in the treatment of most intractable diseases, requires no special equipment and medicines, is a natural medicine. 

    During the pulse based energy diagnosis and examination of the client , Image therapist makes an energy assesment of the internal organs by images, structures and functions of organism. After obtaining and analyzing those images, the Image therapist changes the wrong, pathological images into right images. 

    Energy Diagnosis Pulse points in TCM
    Image Medicine, as a new discipline in the field of alternative medicine, deserves more and more attention and confidence of the people around the world. Its scientific theory, unique, simple and effective methods of treatment without causing pain to the patient and without side effects, the availability of training, deserve the attention of scientific and medical communities. Top leadership of the Kremlin, the White House trust Image Medicine.Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine pays great attention to the Image Medicine, and also successfully carry out activities to promote it among the population. In Chinese newspapers "Health News", "Time of Science" and "Chinese Medicine" published an article on Image Medicine.

    Image Medicine uses only the most important and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore, students can easily learn Image Medicine and apply its methods in practice, it is easy to understand its basics and teach others. Diagnostics and treatment methods of Image Medicine are simple, painless, harmless, no side effects and reactions.