• About Neuroenergetic Kinesiology


    Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is one of the most modern and comprehensive systems of Kinesiology in the world.  Among the many modalities of kinesiology, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology(NK) is considered by many as the flagship of modern kinesiology and is taught all over the world. Developed by Hugo Tobar from the NK Institute,it integrates the ancient wisdom from China and India with complex modern scientific knowledge in anatomy and physiology. By removing the blockages or stress from the body, it stimulates the self-healing mechanisms of the body through the energetic anatomy.

    One of the primary characteristics that make NK a unique modality, is Tobar’s extensive development of finger mode and acupressure formatting systems in all areas of the human anatomy, physiology and energetic structures, along with the holographic model of
    reality.This allows the practitioner to identify and access the exact location and nature of the stress (even if subconscious) affecting the individual and provides the practitioner with a tailored approach unique to the client and to the specific needs of the body.


    About NK Institute


    The NK Institute offers Australian Government Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Kinesiology and advanced training in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. 

    These Kinesiology Qualifications are available to study in several countries eg. Australia, Austria, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA an now in New Zealand.  All of the courses are accredited by the Australian Government, the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Kinesiology Association of New Zealand.  In Australia the institute is located in Brisbane, Rockhampton with a beautiful head office; Murwillumbah, New South Wales. And we have just started training in Perth and Melbourne.

    We are currently accepting enrollments for 2019, please check our Kinesiology Training options!

  • Designed to give you a sound insight into the world of kinesiology, the tools and information you will receive throughout this training package will help you decide if a career path in this modality is your next big step.

    This introductory training program might be just what you have been looking for if you have a strong interest in natural therapies, a commitment to a healthy and more fulfilled approach to life and a will to improve yours and your loved ones’  wellbeing.


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  • This training package constitutes the entry level professional practitioner qualification and is most indicated for the student who wishes to start out a practice in the field of kinesiology. Whether a career change is in order or you are addressing a deep desire to help people regain their health in a natural, gentle way, the Basic Practitioner Training courses will provide you with skills and knowledge to attend to a wide range of health imbalances

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