• One Brain Kinesiology

    The One Brain System™, developed by Three-In-One Concepts™ in California, assists people in achieving their full emotional. During a session we apply techniques that release negative emotional stress while improving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. The system incorporates a unique synthesis of modern psychology, brain research, behavioural genetic, specialized kinesiology, and eastern medicine.

     The One BrainTM technique is designed to resolve your problems caused by negative emotional stress: conflicting beliefs, obsessive behaviors, the fear and pain you try to avoid dealing with. Negative emotional stress guarantees that right now you are creating your future mostly based on what your past has been. This keeps you anxious about your future.

    The purpose of our ONE BRAIN® system is to identify the fused blockages that keep us locked into our reactive behavioral patterns, and to defuse the associated emotional stress through the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

     The nature of our ONE BRAIN® method is gentle re-connection with our Awareness of the Choices we have moment-in-moment to create and to experience fulfilling, productive lives through the relationships we hold personally and professionally.

     Our approach is very gentle and non-invasive, where individuality and individual freedom of Choice are respected through the tender regard for human dignity and ethical co-operation; where respect for one's integrity is directly related to the highest good of oneself AND the highest good of all.

    How does a session look like?

    The One BrainTM technique consists of identification, correction and follow-up. First we identify the unresolved emotional stressors and negative beliefs that keep you from functioning at full potential. Then corrections are selected from a broad spectrum of defusing techniques designed to gently release negativity from the mind and body. Then, if  appropriate, follow-up exercises are assigned for you to do at home. Since you are the only legitimate source for information about yourself, we use muscle testing as a tool. If you already know something about muscle testing, you are in for a big surprise.  We don't test muscles; we test emotions. We test feelings. Using muscle testing, I can ask you direct questions to your own "inner knowing," and get direct, yes or no responses. It works very much like a lie detector, and you need not have any conscious memory of the original stressors.



    Is Your Present Being Determined By Your Past?

     What is stress? It is emotion plus pain fused together. Negative emotional stress stops you from resolving your problems, learning whatever you want to or having the life that you really want. Resolving the emotional cause releases all kinds of pain, even physical symptoms. If negative stress occurs when we are learning a new activity (such as reading, writing, driving a car or playing a new sport), that stress becomes an integral part of the activity. It interferes with our ability to do it well. Whenever we repeat that activity or similar activities any time in the future, the same negative stress is triggered and our performance suffers. If we base our choices on reactions to unpleasant experiences in the past, we can get locked into self-limitation, denial and judgment. Stuck in patterns that keep us from experiencing the success we want, we no longer believe we have any choice concerning our future. Through the One BrainTM technique, you learn your own power of choice. With 0% negative emotional stress in the past (at cause) and in the present, you are free to make positive new choices where none seemed to exist before.

    Why do you use muscle-testing?  

    The reason we use muscle-testing is because it is a quick and highly reliable. According to the latest research at the Oxford University it's accuracy found to be in the same range as a manual blood pressure testing.

    How does muscle-testing work?  

    It works because our body, including our muscles through the nerve system react to any stimulus reaching the body.  The muscles either  go weak or remain in homeostasis. For example, if you were about to tell someone some bad news, you might ask them to sit down first. The reaction to the bad news creates that "weak-in -the-knees" effect that can cause someone to literally collapse.

    Does muscle-testing involve some kind of external equipment?  

    No, it is a very simple procedure. The ONE BRAIN facilitator applies very light pressure to the client's outstretched arms. The arms will either "hold strong" or "go weak" in response to words, images, or physical stress tests. The muscle indicates the type and amount of stress that the client is experiencing with the same accuracy as using a manual blood pressure equipment. 

    Please see the following research: Anne Marie Jensen - THE ACCURACY AND PRECISION OF KINESIOLOGY-STYLE MANUAL MUSCLE TESTING, Wolfson College -University of Oxford


    Can ONE BRAIN cure physical illness or symptoms?

    We don't treat physical symptoms or cure anything. We work with you, contributing to your balance. Our model is based on self-responsibility.