• SIPS - Body Alignment Protocol

    Balancing the primary Integration Centre for Primary Body Alignment. All reflex systems, e.g. Gait Reflexes, Cloacal Reflexes other Righting Reflexes must be integrated at a higher level – the SIPS Body Alignment Proprioception Point accesses this primary integration. The body structure is largely controlled by three planes of the cranium and primary postural feedback: the plane of the Temporomandibular Joint, the cranial plane of the Atlas, the Sphenoidal plane of the eyes and the feedback system of the Foot Pressure Sensors. The BAP set-up accesses all of these primary systems in one integrated system and balances the Structural Misalignment of the Body utilising the self-healing properties of the body to bring the spine, jaw, cranial, hip and shoulder girdles into proper alignment.

    Course Objectives:

    • Dura Mater and how it influences the body, spinal circuits and brain
    • How to perform an interactive balance of the Sphenoid, TMJ, Atlas in both static and dynamic protocols
    • How to balance gaits, hyoid and Pitch, Roll & Y aw and tilt simultaneously and quickly
    • How about the interconnectedness of the human Skeletal-Muscular System
    • How to gently balance Atlas and spinal stress Kinesiologically without “adjustments”
    • How to balance the Dura Mater and release the stress on the back and neck.



     Prerequisites: SIPS 1 &SIPS 2

    Instructor:  Csaba Toke

    Venue: Christchurch (TBD)