The aim of 2nd course is to introduce the practitioner the main concepts of the system and learn how to work with higher self and eliminate ego blockages on conscious and subconscious levels. We also learn to use some tools that keep using in the advanced courses. The course is a heavy workload and requires preparation from the practitioner.


    On the course we learn:

    • to work with pain and the origin of pain in the body
    • the emotions forming process and how to work with it
    • to silence our mind to discover more about life
    • to purify and strengthen our own energy structures with Chinese and Tibetan origin movement and mental exercises
    • to identify and remove our limiting believes that are blocking our happiness
    • how to dissolve our mental and spiritual blockages on intention level
    • to preparation for advanced courses, defining success criteria’s for the future



    • Full Price - 350 NZD
    • Client price (active and previous clients of Csaba Toke) - 290 NZD
    • Practicioner Price (ZYQ and other Kinesiology course participants) - 290 NZD


    • Minimum age 10
    • The practitioner should not be under psychiatric treatment