• The SpiritHeart Technique

    SHT is a multi level practical system which is originally designed and developed by Csaba Toke to support his clients in the self-healing journey. The techniques are beneficial to anyone  who would like to improve themselves and achieve self-mastery in their lives. The practice is a modern version of ancient techniques aligned to the challenges of the 21st century.  SpiritHeart Technique is a tool-set with several levels. Each level provides practitioners with the essential theory and practical exercises to achieve balance and deeper understanding in daily life. The SpiritHeart Technique acknowledges that we human beings are a multidimensional living organ-ism, more than just the physical body. 

    The practice covers physical, energetic, emotional mental, uni-versal and spiritual realms. It prepares the practitioner to understand actions and situations of life from holistic point of view, utilizing its inner wisdom. This is what we call - Living the life through the Heart of Spirit! 

    The system is non-political and independent from religious movements, which means it can be practiced with any political and religious background. Practical, as it is fully experience and self-achievement based. What you experience is yours. The main track is self-development, but later all the skills can be used to help and support others in their spiritual development.
    Currently the system consists of 5 courses. Each course is dependent on each other.  

    You will learn how to work with:

    • the inner child
    • gentle movement exercises that you can practice anywhere anytime
    • the physiology and anatomy of your body
    • improve the energy system of your body through specific exercises (Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, etc.) 
    • Ego, SuperEgo, Higher Self to have a balanced life
    • Sounds, symbols, crystals, plants, places, planets, essences to discover who you are
    • specific points for allergies, sensitivity and harmony for the environment
    • identify and eliminate your Belief systems
    • emotions – work on and release your attachments
    • your soul 
    • brain energies and to improve your learning skills
    • emotional bonds and heritages from 7 generations of your family
    • even more


    Read more about the course contents here:

    SpiritHeart Technique - Course 1