• Feedback and testimonilas from our clients

  • I met Csaba at a Kinesiology conference and he picked me for a demonstration balance on germs. I just had the flu and I still had a cough. His approach to germs and viruses is truly fascinating and I got a lot more than I expected out of this session. Even if I knew that I got sick because I was under stress, through his work I really got to understand where the unbalance in my life was and what the virus was here to “tell” me.
    It was a wonderful and enriching session, and I am looking forward to cross path with Csaba again. He is incredibly knowledgeable and New Zealand is lucky to have a practitioner of his caliber, who truly understands and demonstrates what energy work is.

    Myriam - Auckland

  • I was lucky enough to find Csaba in 2014 when I had to take few weeks of from touring the World. Based on his analytical and deeply medical approach and holistic view I could immediately tell he is a highly skilled Sports and Brain Integration Kinesiologyst and Qigong instructor who learned from the best teachers of our current age. He helped me to balance my energy system and to restore my internal power. He helped me to face with mental challenges which were blocking my performance.

    Lucie Safarova -Tennis player