• Mingtang Xu  (Grandmaster of ZY Qigong and Image Medicine)

    Born in 1963 into a well-known family of doctors and martial artists in the Henan province, Mingtang followed in the tradition of his ancestors. He learned Chinese medicine, shamanic practices, and martial arts before starting work at the hospital where his father served as director. Together with him, Mingtang saw his first patient at the age of seven, and his father began testing his scanning abilities against western diagnostic practices. Mingtang was able to scan and diagnose so accurately that he began seeing patients independently at age fourteen.


    Two years later, he left home to study the new discipline of computer science at the prestigious Xian Jiaoda University. During this time he had continued to scan and treat patients, and upon graduation he returned to Henan province and began to train intensively at places known for their healing power: the Longmen Grottos, the White Horse Temple, the Cloud and Mist Mountains, and the Shaolin Monastery. At Shaolin, he followed the footsteps of his ancestor Prince Kimnara, Guardian of Principles of the monastery centuries before. The monastery hall stands in dedication to his forefather, and in the tradition of his family, Mingtang upholds its principles to this day.

    In 1991, Mingtang decided to focus solely on ZY Qigong. He left his job in China to begin teaching in Russia. Within a few years, he was giving seminars on ZY Qigong all over the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. His patient roster grew exponentially and now includes cultural, business, sports and government elite. Over the course of the next ten years, Mingtang founded the Kiev Chinese Traditional Medicine Clinic and the Oriental Culture and Medicine Academy at the Ukraine National Academy of Science, which includes degree programs for medical students and health professionals. Mingtang is also affiliated with the Laboratory for Human Brain Research and Moscow University. He first published his two-book series Entering One's Own Universe—ZY Qigong in Russian. It has since been translated into Hebrew; German, Czech, Hungarian and many other languages.

    For many years, Mingtang Xu has been studying successive dynasties medical masterpieces, and learned from numerous very famous medical experts. Besides, Mingtang also endeavor to explore the TCM essence and the new medical achievements , exercise and summarize successively, and create image medicine and ZY qigong . After more than 20 years of research and Clinical Application in all over the word, image medicine has formed a complete theory and application system, and has obtained ample experience in terms of education. Image medicine ,as a new subject, has attracted more and more attention and credit. And image medicine is firstly recognized by Some senior officers in White House and Kremlin.

    In China, Mingtang was awarded a professorship at the Chinese and Western Medical Joint Hospital of the Beijing Chinese Medicine University. His is also a board member and Advanced Specialist Consultant of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Today, in addition to teaching seminars and treating patients throughout the world, Mingtang spends most of his time at the Kundawell Institute in Beijing, China, treating patients and researching the most successful method for healing diseases. The institute was opened in April 2008.