• Zhong Yuan Qigong

    A practice to achieve holistic balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

    Zhong Yuan Qigong is practice that is independent from any religions and political movements. This practice focuses on practical achievements rather than believes and encourages the practitioner to become the master of his/her own life.

  • "ZY Qigong is the simple science of Life"

    Grandmaster Xu Mingtang


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    What is Qigong?

    Qigong (or Chi kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice which uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of qi within the human body, and enhance a practitioner's overall health. If we literally translate the Chinese word Qi Gong, this means cultivation of the energy, or mastery of the life force.


    Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY qigong or ZYQ) is a very unique compared to other type of Qi Gongs. ZY qigong involves the higher levels of qigongs.  Even though the school is new to Westerners, it is recognized as the oldest of all existing schools (over 7,000 years old). It is a system with several levels. A practice that includes a wide range of techniques: static postures or dynamic exercises with gentle movements of the body combined with specific breathing patterns and focused concentration. Moreover, qigong includes different types of meditation and relaxation exercises.

    The Art of Self healing

    „The simple science of life” 
    Mingtang Xu, grandmaster of ZY Qigong


     Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY Qigong)

    Steeped in shamanic, Taoist and Buddhist practices, the Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY Qigong) system integrates the physical, energy and spiritual anatomies. ZY Qigong is an ancient and complete healing and self-development system, a practice to cultivate the connectedness of the human being with the universe. 

    It combines movement, breath, and mindful meditation to activate, store and focus qi or energy for personal cultivation and healing self and others. ZY Qigong is simple, safe, and easy to learn, yet it is a powerful transformational tool for achieving wellness, wisdom and enlightenment. One can access and utilize this energy immediately and reach the power of an adept in a comparatively short period of time.

    The Zhong Yuan qigong system consists of three components. . Each of these components constitutes an independent, autonomous system.

    • self-development (5 levels)
    • image medicine 
    • knowledge transplantation

    The Self Development System has gained much international attention in the past decade.  It has five levels, which are taught in a conventional Western mode by teachers in class and seminar settings.  The first three levels introduce students to the system’s basic elements and practice methodology allowing trainees to work on improving their health and on awakening dormant abilities.

    During practice, you will feel qi (your life force) in your own body and in your own spirit. The power of this practice is transmitted with assistance from more than 7000 years of realized teachers. 

    ZY Qigong is a path that can bring you all the way home. For those experiencing spiritual emergence or emergency, those looking to improve health or develop their spirit, this practice has much to offer. It has discarded unnecessary cultural elaborations, retaining only the methods that really work. It is currently practiced by more than forty thousand students worldwide and has trained hundreds of ZYQ teachers and Image Medicine healers.

    Is it some kind of religious practice?

    Zhong Yuan Qigong is a system that is strictly non-political and can be practiced with any religious faith. 

    All true qigong practitioners  have in common the permanent pursuit of harmony in their lives and their communities regardless of their

    • age
    • gender,
    • religion,
    • social status
    • political view
    • physical condition


    Levels of Zhong Yuan Qigong

    The practice of Qi gong provides immediate effects like: stress reduction, improved stamina, increased vitality and an enhanced immune system.  Due to their multiple benefits, the qigong techniques have been widely used by therapists, healers, traditional chinese medicine doctors, medical students, martial arts practitioners or practitioners.


    1st level - Earth level

    In Level One, we will focus on working with the Lower Dantian, which means or physical reality. The practicioner learns how to work with his/her attention and learns how to focus on him/herself.   

    Our goal in Level One is to learn how to Relax the whole body and mind, while activating our lower energy centre, called the the Lower Dantian. This will generate life force, normalize circulation along the energy channels, and open existing blockages. 


    The exercises in Level One are designed to balance yin and yang within the body and to open channels and bioactive points. We learn how to absorb qi from the environment and how to restore our energetic potential. We learn how to increase and improve the quality of our vital energy. The side effects are physical and psychological healing, , and the capacity to direct internal energy, which, in turn, enables us to diagnose and treat many ailments.

     As a result of the regular practice of the 1st level :

    • Physical body becomes stronger
    • Sleeping quality improves
    • Dealing with daily stress of life becomes easier
    • Sexual stamina increases
    • heightened sensitivity appears - this is very useful for healers and therapists
    • Blood circulation improves
    • Hormonal system starts balancing itself

    By increasing the energy level and with meditative practice anyone can improve its sensitivity and health. The regular practice improves not only the body, mind and spirit but also highly improves creativity and improves our senses.

    2nd level - Human level

    While the 1st level has a general effect the 2nd level directly connects the practitioner to organs and their emotions. After strengthening the physical body the practitioner prepares to cope with emotions. Walking the way towards to the inner source the practitioner faces with his/her emotions and recognises the reality behind them. The 2nd level of Zhong Yuan Qigong we further improves the observation skills, so the practitioner can recognise and deal with cause and effect law of universe in daily life. The daily life of the practitioner changes from emotionally driven to a calm, peaceful but still energetic path.


    The regular practice of the 2nd level exercises bring:

    • stable emotional states 24/7
    • the practitioner remains calm in every situation without extra effort
    • Daily life becomes a practice place
    • Increased oxygen level in the blood and cells
    • the function of body cells improve
    • blood pressure problems start to normalise
    • relationships and social connections are improving  do to enhanced emphatic skills
    • the energetic state of inner organs improve


    The 2nd level of Zhong Yuan qigong opens the heart of the practitioner. Loving and respecting ourselves and other becomes easier and natural.

     As a result of practicing the exercises of the 2nd level of Zhong Yuan Qigong the practitioner gradually gets into a higher state of consciousness and the understanding level increases related to him/herself and the environment. In this unbiased and pure state of existence the inner knowing or intuition becomes stronger and more accurate. The practitioner receives the chance to wake up from the duality of physical life and live and stress free peaceful life by being present 24 hours a day.


    3rd level - Pause – Sky level

    While the exercises we learn on the 1st and 2nd level of Zhong Yuan Qigong provide benefits on physical end emotional level, the 3rd level is connected to our mental sphere. The root cause of our emotional and physical problems is often originated from our internal mental dialogs. The set of 3rd level exercises help us to be aware of our internal dialogue and learn how to cope with them and balance them. With these exercises our sub-conscious gets balanced, thus we can experience the present and our life becomes a real present.

    On the 1st level we learn how to relax our mind and body, the 2nd level brings the required silence in our mind so we can experience the truth and source behind the existence, while the 3rd level prepares us to Pause our mind and experience the state of oneness or the lack of duality and judgments. Our life becomes a joyful learning path as we learn from the environment and from all moments of life.

    4th level - Wisdom - School of Human

    Level 1-3 of Zhong Yuan Qigong aims to improve the life of human being and helps to live a meaningful and happier life. The 4th level exercises are to help the practitioner to extend its focus to the whole universe, including all life forms. At the 4th level we learn the exercise of universal learning - a tool that helps us to improve our wisdom, creativity and understanding of life. The 4th level is the school of Human – a connection between Earth and Sky.

    5th level - Truth -  School of Sky

    There are no public 5th level courses. Practitioners can only learn 4th and 5th level   directly from Master Xu Mingtang. 5th level is an individual learning directly with the Maser. Truth means realizing the ultimate Truth.



    Csaba Toke - Zhong Yuan Qigong Instructor

     Csaba Toke is a Certified Energy Kinesiology Practitioner and alternative medicine professional specialized in asian movement therapy, Qigong healing, traditional chinese medicine, image medicine, auricular acupuncture, One brain kinesiology consultant, . He lived abroad for several years in several countries (Portugal, New Zealand, USA, Canada and China).He is a graduate student from the Bejing Kundawell Medical Research Institute and 3rd level instructor of the Zhong Yuan Qigong system. He spent months every year in Shaolin and Wudan, China, directly learning from great masters like Xu Mingtang qigong master.