• Stress Indicator Points System - SIPS Kinesiology

    SIPS System is developed by Ian Stubbings an Australian Kinesiology Master from Melbourne Australia. It is an interesting branch of Specialized Energetic Kinesiology which uses acupressure points to ask the body what kind of stress it is experiencing and help it to move the stress out more efficiently. Stressed cells draw on the meridian system to help maintain homeostasis in the body but over time health will suffer. SIPS allows the energy pathways to reset, removing resistance to healing. 

    Ian Stubbings - Founder and creator of SIPS Kinesiology

    "SIPS works on the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and electrical levels of the body to promote whole body healing. SIPS can be extremely effective for pain relief (for example, diffusing stress in a hurt knee by working with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid and inflammatory processes involved, while also acknowledging any stuck emotion, or fear or a repeat injury), identifying roots of chronic illness; improving cognitive functions and learning difficulties; and assisting in hormonal balance."


    Ian Stubbings created the first SIPS workshop in association with Dr. Charles Krebs as a way of simplifying the ‘Powers of Stress’ procedure in Applied Physiology (developed by Richard Utt). These protocols were effective for dealing with ‘stuck’ muscles, but time-consuming.  SIPS allows for deep balances that bring all the stressors ‘online’ at once in a quick and effective way.


     Some examples from the SIPS energy balancing protocols:

    • Corrections involving the Meridian Matrix.
    • How to balance a knee joint using 21muscle monitoring tests for 12 different muscles with the SIPS protocol. This procedure can be easily transferred to any body region.
    • How to balance joints in the body to significantly improve their function.
    • How to reduce pain in the body tissues
    • Why the body resists healing, and how to obtain insight on where your client’s specific blockages are occurring.
    • Addressing muscle stress imbalances (over-facilitated, under-facilitated, over- inhibited, and under-inhibited) via the SIPS basic protocol to access deeper stresses in the muscle itself, tendons, tendon sheaths, ligaments, primal emotions of the limbic system, lymphatics, vascular, nervous system, adrenals, skin, Retinacula, and the meridian matrix.
    • How to access stresses present in the Lower Emotional body level.
    • How to balance Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Emotions using Specific SIPS Points and Plutchik’s Circumplex Evolutionary Model of Emotions. The dynamic formatting of this make it extremely powerful.
    • How to balance attitudes, thoughts, thought forms, and body feelings.
    • How to obtain insight on where your client’s specific blockages are occurring in the Low- er Emotional body level.
    • How to balance Hydration and Ionization imbalances using SIPS Points.
    • How to balance Electromagnetic Switching at Superficial, Deep Survival, Commissure, Association, Projection, and Isolation Levels, and SIPS Points to deepen those
    • How to access and deepen the correction for Corpus Callosum, Association & Projection Fibres.
    • How to link the Right & Left side energy systems using Circuit Mode, and find linked imbalances.
    • How to balance “unmonitorable” muscles
    • How to balance muscles in Extension using SIPS Points.
    • How to balance inflexibility, limited, or painful range of motions.
    • Body chemistry, the cellular level, cell alignment protocol, nutrition, metabolism and cellular respiration, vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, body fluids and electrolytes, toxicity, allergic reactions and the nutrition alignment protocol
    • Degenerative Disease Causing States of Acidity, Oxidation and Toxicity. PH Balance, Buffer Systems, Extracellular Matrix, Microbiomes, Immune Systems & Vortex Torus Free Energy
    • Brain function has traditionally been solely focused on nerves and neurons. This workshop introduces a primitive energy “nervous” system that functions in conjunction with the glial cell system. The discovery of this system is the result of a lifetime of research by Robert Becker MD.
    • the pre-frontal cortex and associated functions, many aspects of mind and the Mental Alignment Protocol (MAP).
    •  Neuro-Endocrine Alignment Protocol (NEAP)., EMG radiation, photo receptive system, the eyes, biological cycles, sleep cycles, ANS, Hypothalamus, Circumventricular Organs, Endocrine System, Glands and Hormones, Neuro- Endocrine System, Primary Neurotransmitters and the Gland – Chakra Energy Matrix etc.
    • Balance individual glands and hormones and their associated feedback loops or balance the whole integrated neural endocrine system via the NEAP Protocol.