• Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a quick and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps you remove blocks that keep you from living a better life. SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges.

    When a method works on a spiritual level, instead of an emotional or mental, it is possible to find causes linked to past life issues, spiritual realm issues, and the creation of the soul itself. Some times our physical issues are linked to the creation process of the soul.


    Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system of specialized charts designed and developed by Mr. Robert E. Detzler to be used for “researching” the subconscious mind and soul records with a series of questions to quickly find and release the discordant thoughts and limiting concepts to replace them with loving, supportive concepts and positive beliefs.

    Using these special charts and a pendulum, a practitioner finds the patterns of negative energy whether in past, present or future lives and through Higher Self, removes or "clears" the energy from your Akashic Records which releases pain, blocks and restores harmony. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life.


    We need to understand that we are here for the growth of our soul and that some of the lessons we need to learn may be difficult. We would have carried previous lessons unlearned into many lifetimes and try to respond again to the challenges now. These energies come with us in every incarnation and the negative ones often does impinge very largely on our lives, often blocking us from receiving our greatest good of health, wealth, harmony, productivity or even blocking us to express our greater positivity etc. Unfortunately, we are not always able to do this with ease. 

    Following the removal of the soul records contain negative energies with SRT, leaving only positive energies, allows us to move forward in all areas of our lives unencumbered by the past - still having to experience life's challenges because our soul continues to learn and grow - but being able to deal with much ease to see and feel things in a different way.

    As consciousness begins to change following clearings, some people may experience different things such as very tired, joyful, increased in energy or some feel nothing at all! However, any of these are just normal reactions to a very wonderful and healthy process. Whatever anyone experience will be right for them as there is no “standard” or “norm”.

    Spiritual Response Therapy is not in conflict with any culture, religion, nationality, race, custom, age, creed or medical treatments.


    Csaba Toke and SRT

    Csaba has been practicing SRT for 3 years now. -He was trained under SRT Teacher – Dr. Eva Czako in Hungary who was trained by SRA Founder; Robert E. Detzler.

    His Qualifications:

    • SRT Basic and Advance Levels from Dr. Eva Czako, Budapest 2014
    • SRT Spiritual Restructuring from Dr. Eva Czako, Budapest  2015.

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